Tennis Drill Demonstration


Intention: Develop sending and receiving skills through the use of progressive coordination exercises.

  • Following progression 3 Players stand facing each other on the inside and outside tramlines respectively (in a ready, athletic, gorilla position)
  • Players have four balls, each player starts with two balls, and throw the balls underarm between each other.
  • The balls must bounce once before the partner catches the ball.
  • Each player must throw one ball with their right hand and transfer the other ball from their left hand to right hand to then receive the other ball from their partner with their left.
  • As players master a rhythm, they attempt to increase the tempo.

Coaching points

  • Ensure players have mastered the coordination from progression 3 before adding another ball.
  • Make sure players are in ready positions, both players need to throw with the same hands; they need to work as a team ensuring they are passing in time. 

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