Shoot, Recover, Finish

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

Soccer Shoot, Recover, Finish Crossing and Finishing Make a pitch from the edge of one penalty box to the same the other end, full width. Set up a go...

Catch Place Recover

category: Goalkeeping

Soccer Catch Place Recover Goalkeeping GK advances and receives a volley into hands from Server 1. GK then places this ball in a wide positioned cone...

Turning In - Recovery

category: Goalkeeping

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Wide Position Recovery

category: Goalkeeping

Soccer Wide Position Recovery Goalkeeping Central server and server from wide on the angle. GK turns in from the post. Then receives a shot around ...

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Goalkeeper Positional Recovery

Introduce goalkeepers to recovery lines and efficiency of movement across the goals. Check the GK is moving into line with the ball when making the sa...

Team Defending

Develop a team mentality that works to win the ball back and swarm in groups. Understand the roles and responsibilities of team defence to shut out th...

Defend Against Counter Attacking

Create an understanding of the importance of defensive structure when attacking to ensure you don’t get hit on the counter-attack.


Community Drills

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Organisation 2 goalkeepers 4 defenders 4 AttackersServer plays diagonal ball to attacker Condition 6 Seconds to score Must take ball round the goalkep...

2 v 2

Same as 2 v 1 but now a player from the other side can try and make a recovery run once the striker receives the pass. Same as 2 v 1 but now hav...

Copy of Straight line running

This drill uses the 4 cones the dotted lines represent jogging and the normal lines represent active recoveryThey will start off with a straight line ...