Retreating Defence

When you turn the ball over up the pitch, you’re left at your most vulnerable. Get your defenders into the habit of retreating, recovering and protecting the middle of the pitch to stem any counter attacks with this intense session.

What’s in the Session?

This session will be a tough, physical session so make sure everyone is ready to go with a thorough warm-up. The technical part of the session kicks off with players learning their roles and responsibilities when making a recovery run before working hard to recover and offer support to covering defenders. Agility and speed will be important with being able to turn and get back with this drill. The session finishes up with some conditioned games to really emphasise the importance of a recovery run. Those who will not be pulling their weight to cover will soon be found out so make sure they’re in the right frame of mind!

Getting everyone to muck in and do the dirty work to recover once the ball is lost is paramount to the team success. A lot of this type of defending is a mind set as much as it is technical, so make sure your players are in that way of thinking before heading out to the pitch.

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