Football Drill Demonstration


  • Central server and server from wide on the angle.
  • GK turns in from the post. Then receives a shot around the body.
  • GK catches the ball and plays back to Server 1.
  • They then must quickly adjust to get into position and receive a shot from Server 2.

Coaching points

  • GK to be efficient with first step into line. Take one large step rather than lots of small steps. Be set when the shot is taken.
  • If a dive is required to save the shot from Server 1 get up fast by using hips and arms to lever off the ground.
  • GK may not have time to get set correctly down. It is more important to get part of the body into line with the ball.


  • Add a 3rd server in to strike the ball from a central position after the 2nd serve.

Drill tags: goalkeeping, wide position, recovery, save, dive, set position

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