Drift, Cover Or Blitz Touch

category: Match-Related

During a game of touch in a grid sized 30 x 30 metres the coach can choose to call blitz, drift or cover at any breakdow...

Ram Raid

category: Maul

This game is designed to teach the players to work together to drive a maul forward and keep control of the ball.

  • Set Up a field appro...

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South africa rugby quota system

South Africa's rugby team will be one of the favorites at next year's World Cup in England. But despite some progress over the last twenty years of de...



Community Drills

Maul Setup By Numbers

Breakdown the setup of a maul to specific roles. This gives each player an idea of the jobs to be done at different stages. This must then become a dy...

3 team rotation - Defence focus

2 teams work whilst 1 team restsA ruck is called and A set up an attack from that number, with D setting up their defence from the same ruck.Play cont...

Hot and Cold defence

Split group in to 3 teamsPractice has 2 partsPart 1Blue team play keep ball against Red. Multi-direction game played until A make 10 passes or D make ...