Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • groups of 8 +.
  • Cones 
  • Balls. 
  • Bibs  

1. 1v1 in 5mx5m Grid.

Players line up opposite eachother on a grid, Attacker has to score over the line (running for the corner),  while the defender has to not let him/her score on the indside of him/her. Scoring around the outside is not bad. 

2. Add a 2nd Attacker.

This forces the defender when to make a decision to drift onto the outside attacker. If the defender pushes to ealry they score on the inside. Too late they score on the outside (Not the worst outcome). 

3. Drop Out Touch. (Drift Focus) 

This game is a normal game of touch rugby, however whenever the attacker is touched the defender who touched him/her must run back too the try line and stay there until play has broken down. 


Coaching points

1. 1v1 in 5mx5m Grid.

Run up & Out. 

Line up inside shoudler of attacker. 

Force player on the outside. NOT BACK INSIDE. 

Stay on inside of attacker. 

Try to keep hips square

Shadow Attacker outwide - Show attacker the outside. 

Be in tackling position. 

2. Add a 2nd Attacker.

Line up on inside shoulder of ball carrier. 

Make correct decision when too drift onto next attacker. (too early they score on inside). 

3. Drop out touch.

Working on all aspects of drift defence. 

Showing the outside.

running up + out.

Scoring around the outside isnt the worst thing (Do Not let them score on the inside) 

Staying connected to team mates. 

Outside space is players responsibility. 

All Players commited to system - No dog legs or Shooters out of line. 

Drill tags: defence, drift, overlap, progression, soft

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