Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 10+ 
  • 3 Bags 
  • balls 
  • Cones


1. With bags 

3 Attckers with bags are given a number, 5 defenders line up opposite within the grid. 

When coach says so he shouts a number (this is the attacker that the defenders will tackle and adjust too) 

when the number is shouted both attackers and defenders shoot off the line to meet in the middle (green cones) 

Here a tackle is performed on the given number and players will adjuest and stay connected accrodingly. 

2. With a ball not bags. 

This progression makes it more realistic, and means the 5 defenders have to adjust to the differnt moves the attackers throw at them. 

Coaching points

  • Line speed. 
  • Scanning the attacking line.
  • Staying connected - 2m apart each defender, no dog legs. 
  • After tackle is complete - Adjusting (think the defensive line are on a piece of string, defenders must come in) 
  • Lots of noise - communciation and intimidation. 
  • Aim to give the attackers no time on the ball as possible.

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