Support Lines

category: Decision-making

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2 Vs 2 (Out - In Support Line)

category: Decision-making

Rugby 2 vs 2 (out - in support line) Decision making This is a basic 2 v 2 drill to allow players to progress from a simple 2 v 1. In a channel no wi...

Pass And Support

category: Sevens

Lets just get the ball moving down the line. Give the player at the start of one of the lines a ball, tell the line to advnce using laterial passing ...

Diamond Shape Supporting Lines

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Diamond shape supporting lines Off Loads This is an exercise for continuity and support for attacking play Lay out a rectangular playing area, ...

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Community Drills


12 and 13 run an overs line and then cut a hard unders to draw their respective defenders in narrow10 takes the ball forward to draw his man, then del...

Broken Play

Green attacks redsupport lines, no static attack,


Miss pass to 1313 ad 12 switch14,15 support lines11 takes fullback position if 15 runs with line