Drill Categories

Contact Skills Drills

A major part of rugby involves two or more players making physical contact with each other. Contact normally takes place during a tackle, lineout, scr...

Ruck Drills

A ruck occurs when the ball carrier is tackled and players from each side make contact over the ball which is on the ground (it differs from a maul wh...


6 Vs 6 Uncontested Scrums

category: Scrum

Ensure that players:-

Bind correctly.

Keep the scrum square.

Keep correct body position.

Hooker to strike for the ball ...

Ball Around The Hips.

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Simple movement of handling the ball around the hips.

Box Kicking Practice

category: Kicking

  • Game for scrum halves to practice their box kicking skills.
  • Set out a coned, rectangular/square area between the 22 and the 10 metre l...

Catching The High Ball

category: Practices-for-Juniors

2 players. 1 ball.

Player A throws or kicks a high ball for player B to catch in a stationary position.

Player B stands side on to ta...

Fast And Pressured

category: Passing

Tell your players the following......

  1. There will be one runner.
  2. 1 player, static, on each cone. 4 players on the cones in tot...

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Pre-season Burner

Are you up to it physically yet? Really feel the burn with this session and push your team hard! You will really feel the benefits after!


Community Drills

Brian Square BASE plan

Carre du Skills 10-20 minutesFacile et vite pour implanter 350-500 passes en 10 minCompact et facile a controle ou coacherNe dur pas longtemps (Concen...

'Lazy' Dummy Runners

Using first pod as 'Flame' Dummy blockers. Make themself an option by resetting in a static position.

Toma de Decisiones

Los jugadores se alinean de acuerdo a los conos.1.Se inicia pasando el balon entre ellos de forma estatica.2.A la señal del entrenador el jugador con ...