Attacking Footwork And Tackling 2

category: School

  • Defender should try and keep shoulders square, close down space and focus on the attackers hips.
  • Attacker tries to stop and s...

Footwork And Handoff 2

category: School

To develop the exercise, get players to transfer the ball away from the pole to enable the hand off.

Footwork And Handoff 3

category: School

To challenge the attackers, get the 2nd player to put them under pressure.

Footwork And Handoff

category: School

  • Vital skills to beat a defender and get the football.
  • Ball is needed. Players must do it at full speed. Key players low and t...

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Community Drills

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10 min warm up: Jog round the pitch, static streches, dynamic stretches and a 5 minute game of touch.Tackling: set up a 5x5m square with 1 cone in eac...

tackle overlopertje

Er staat of staan 1 of meerdere tackelaar in het midden van het vak 10x 10 mDe overige kinderen moeten de overkant halen zonder neer gehaald te ...

convergeren naar de ball

oefening start dmv overspelen tussen aanvaller en verdediger. op het teken van de coach start de oefening, de baldrager stapt de verdediger uit ...

mini's evasion

Doel van deze oefening is om te werken aan de schijnbeweging en de timing en plaatsing van de handoff.Spelers staan tegenover elkaar opgesteld en beid...