Forward Sprints / Backward Sprints.

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Forward sprints / Backward sprints. Agility & Running Skills Set-up drill area as shown. Players line up at the start. All players run forward ...

Union Jack

category: Passing

Rugby Union Jack Passing Tell your players the following... On GO Player A passes to B who in turn passes to Player C. At the same time Player E pass...

5 Vs 5 Touch Rugby

category: Match-Related

  • Touch Rugby in teams of 5
  • 3 Touches and change possession.
  • When a player with the ball is touched, tackler stays in passive contact...

    Contest Line Outs

    category: Lineout

    One player throws the ball in to 5 players standing side by side. One player to stand in the scrum half position so as to be ready to receive a pas...

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    Lineout Logistics

    Don't get pipped to the pass - teach your players to jump and lift safely to help them become masters of the lineout!

    Using the Overlap

    Make sure your players support their team-mates with this session, by using the overlap in attack

    Confidence in Contact: part 2

    Continue to improve your player's confidence when using contact, with the second of our Confidence in Contact sessions


    Community Drills

    Autosave 38602921

    Forwards and Backs work to get into optimal space for kick clear to compete.

    Autosave 24405939

    Have players run from cone to cone while facing foward. Players will run forward, backward, and cross over right and left.Start slow and have players ...

    Scoring tries at the end zone

    2 teamseach team has an ingoalthe aim of the game is score as many tires on the opponents ingoalThere is no defending involve so you are not allow to ...