Zig Zag Relay

category: Passing

Tell the players to do the following...... The player with the ball passes to the next player and follows the direction of the ball. The chasing or s...

Drift Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

4 Tackle Bags. 10 Cones and 1 Ball. 10m x 30m. The first player in the line begins with the ball. As he approaches the first cone and passes to playe...

Rugby Baseball

category: Passing

Split your team into two teams. One team will be up to bat/kick and the other team will field. The fielding team should take up positions that they fe...

Diamond Geezer

category: Warm-Up

In fours players are moving up a channel. The support runner (blue player in the animation) calls themselves into the line, receives a pass, offloads ...

Web Videos

Rugby. ten-a-side

Rugbyclub Groningen organiseerde zaterdag 10 mei een internationaal ten-a-side toernooi voor mannen en vroeuwen op de Esserberg.