Changing Direction

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Netball Changing Direction Getting free 4 cones are placed as shown in diagram. Red player 1 runs to any cone, changes direction and receives ball fr...

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Netball umpire training - breaking

Breaking occurs when a player steps into the Centre third before the whistle is blown to start play. Have a look at what we mean in this short video c...


Learning to Balance the Court

Movement off of one another is one of the most important things to understand, yet one of the more difficult skills to execute. This session develops ...

Netball Fun and Games

Get your team bonding and leaving training with a smile, by using this fun and games session!


Community Drills

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Attacker change of direction (each player gets to do exercise for 1 min) pairs with a ball and 4 conesFirstly the attacker only qualifies to receive t...

breaking free

you can have anyone as the feader and two other players and they just would have to break free etheir way to recive the ball- have the coach as a the ...


D1 to take front position on A1 close to line, centre position.A1 drives either left or right to take a straight pass from X, but this time D1 shadows...

Breaking/ defending drill

Coach to call colour with 2 players running at once. Run through 10 timesThen do the above with a defence is in front