Learning to Balance the Court

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With space a valuable commodity on the netball court, it?s important that your teammates aren?t breaking down the space as well as the opposition. Being able to balance the court to maximise the space when in possession is vital. Develop your teams communication and teamwork on the court and improve the timings of leads, movement and passing from your GK all the way through to your GS.

What?s in the Session?

Begin the session with a fun warm-up to get your players in the right frame of mind to work together and communicate plus to ensure that physically, they are ready for a demanding session. The main technical part of the session consistently works on developing the players ability to recognise where their teammates will be leading, encouraging them to think two steps ahead when both passing and receiving. As the coach, reminding the players of the aim of the practice is vital, making sure they a reminding themselves that creating the space for others rather than just themselves is the ultimate goal. By leading unselfishly as one point will lead to them getting the ball as the move progresses.

By the time the session is over, your players will fully understand the importance of leading off the ball to create opportunities for teammates. Plus they will recognise the movement of their teammates and when they should receive the ball to then move it on to someone leading off of them. Go try it yourself!

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