category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Marking Defending Skills Temporary footage Players should not wear baseball caps ... has to run around pretending to receive the ball The defe...

Chasing The Tackle 2 - Closing Down.

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Chasing the Tackle 2 - Closing Down. Moving ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own professional coaching plans ... Cat...

Full Leg Block

category: Extras

Hockey Full leg block Extras From the ready position; the keeper lifts a leg and takes a wide ... The paddle and stick are used to fill in the gaps a...


category: Extras

Path of ball Path of player Cones Goalkeeper - Top View Hockey Ball Players Hockey Stick Diving Goalkeeper Grid - Each shaded (5m x 5m) box shows siz...

Web Videos

Field hockey - drags/yardsticks/pulls

"Drags" (aka yardsticks or pulls) are a great way to improve your ball control and, with a little daily practice, will do wonders for your hockey. Key...


Community Drills

Jab Tackle

Blue player performs yards rythmic sticks while the Red player tries to jab the ball away.Yard sticks should be done slowly so as to allow the defende...

Basic Dribble Drill

English Dribble to 1st Cone, Bunting Dribble to 2nd Cone, 10 Yard-Sticks at 2nd Cone, Continue with Yard Sticks and walk to end line, resulting in Ind...

Dribbling Series

Indian DribbleYard StickLoose DribbleClose Dribble5 yard zig zagDribble: pull right, pull left, pull back, scoop,