Hockey Drill Demonstration


Field players and goalie: Start with some stick tapping ( to get the eye in).

Field players and goalie: Do some stationery yard sticks.

Field players dribble the ball around the square of the 23m line. First round at a walking pace and the second round at accelerated speed.Start jogging around with the ball - Keep in control of your ball and body, encouraging a change of direction, using footwork.

Dribble inbetween beacons (placed at yard stick distance) and when running back place the stick at an angle so that the face of it goes under the ball, do this exercise with acceleration. (place left hand higher on the stick and right hand to control lower down). When running body should be lower down, arms extended and knees bent.)

Goalie: Continues eye and hand co-ordination with fellow goalies.

Warm up: 10 minutesHockey Drills Coaching

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