The Sweep Shot

category: Video-Techniques

Frying pan grip.  The ball is played first time. Stick stays in contact with the ground on backswing and follow through. Hit middle of ba...

Scoring With The Sweep Shot

category: Video-Techniques

Double V grip The ball is payed first time. Weight on left  foot on impact Hands close to the ground with stick horizontal. Contact the ball...

Sweep Hit

category: Video-Techniques

The sweep is a variation from the hit pass. The grip and stance are the same the ball is placed in line with the front foot. The stick is drawn back a...

Sweep Far Post

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player 2 passes the ball to player 1. Player 1 then passes the ball into the goal with a slap hit. Player 2 follows his/her pass and takes the positio...

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Community Drills

Stick sweep shot

1st Ball: Red left Goalie passes to blue goalie, who passes it back so that red goalie can shoot with a sweep. Play rebounds. 2nd Ball: Shot...