Skill Technique Circuit

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Skill technique circuit Skill Circuit There should be approximately 4 players on each of the 3 stations in this drill. The player at the top o...

Hitting Test

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Hitting test Skill Circuit The player is required to hit the ball across the width of the pitch at the target. There are two options on how to...

Stick Work

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Stick Work Skill Circuit Player runs up and down the slalom.

Figure Of 8 Around The Cone

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Figure of 8 around the cone Skill Circuit The player stands facing the cones. Standing still the player should move the ball around the cones ...

Web Videos

Ryde hockey: skill circuit drill

Ryde and Australian Kookaburras player Tom Craig demonstrates a great drill from our junior development program but relevant for players of all ages f...


Community Drills

skill circuit 2

pass of borderfake left. pull right.pass to top of the Dshot at goal.big pull. pretending to go around a goalie.

Midifield movements skill circuit.

While Matthijs is with the other girls the other 10 will complete a skill circuit. Do not receive the ball still, everything with movement. Right han...

Jongens C selectie

Skill circuit, met veel aannemen en passen. Ook veel technische aspecten zoals liftjes en mijnenveld.Doordraaien is belangrijk. Zie nummers

skill circuit

pass on border.spin out in conespass flatfake left. go right.pass back.shot on goal