Running The Figure Of 8

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Player runs in figure of 8 around the 2 cones using only their forehand.

Hockey Rugby

category: Conditioned-Games

2 teams try and score by running the ball into the scoring zone. Rules are: You can only pass the ball back of square. The defensive players are not ...

Round The Back

category: Conditioned-Games

Play 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6 with goals facing to the side line (can also be played with one goal positioned on the top of the circle turned to the back line...

Continual Long Corner

category: Conditioned-Games

2 equal teams in the circle. and lots of balls on both long corner spots. The coach calls out a team. 1 of the players has to run to one of the sides ...

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Fieldhockey defense

How to manage defense Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.