Positional Play

category: Passing-Receiving

Pick a position on the pitch and decide (right defender) a) which players feed the position (sweeper) b) which 2 players can he/she pass to (right win...

Positional Play Under Pressure

category: Passing-Receiving

As above, but now introduce a defender who can first try and intercept only, later tackle. In this case, the left winger.
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Fieldhockey defense

How to manage defense Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.



Community Drills

positional play in the 'D'

feeder at the top of the D 3 forwards3 defenders ball is fed in when players make a good post up - play continues until goal/cleared out.att...

Positional play and marking

Talk about the channels: down the sides and the middle - 3 channels of play. Divide players into 2 teams, 1 team has to try score while the other defe...