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Hockey Kabadi Conditioned Games Set up with two teams, each team having their own area in which they keep possession by passing the ball around.

Web Videos

Vlog 2: field hockey conditioning

For my second vlog, NOT TOO SHABBY!!! This video is two weeks old but it's just too good to not post :-) Just another day of fockeying it up with the ...


Bite size fitness session 1

Continue working some specific fitness training by incorporating this bitesize session into your main stick and ball session. It will get them working...

Bite Size Fitness 9

Don't miss this final 30 minute fitness session - Coach it as a whole or use it as a way to bring new ideas to your pre-match routines


Community Drills


Players start sprinting when the coach says "go". (their coach can decide if they want them to use thier sticks or not)When they reach the h...