2 Vs 1

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey 2 vs 1 Indoor Hockey Make a channel down the board by placing cones 7 - 10 metres away from the board Forward passes the ball to the waiting ...

Creating 2 V 1

category: Overload-situations

Hockey Creating 2 v 1 Overload situations Player 1 passes the ball back to the supporting player. Player 1 then runs in the opposite direction to whi...

2 Vs. 1 Tag Defence

category: Overload-situations

Hockey 2 vs. 1 Tag defence Overload situations Players start in pairs on the 23 meter line. The attackers have to try and score a goal against the de...

2 Vs 1

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey 2 vs 1 Movement off the ball The player with the ball passes the ball square to the other attacking player. Upon receiving the ball player 2 r...

Web Videos


2 v 1 - Going from left to right

Build confidence in the 2v1 and get your players practising offloading the ball to the support on the right when they're on the attack!


Community Drills

1 vs 1 i 2 vs 2

Hi ha 1 vs 1 i després un 2 vs 1. Si:Si Marca el jugador atacant: surt del mig del camp un jugador del mateix equip i fan un 2 vs 1.Si el defensor tre...

Copy of Spray

Les deux A Rouges au top du cercle, font les appels de balles (un à droite, l'autre à gauche).D Bleu va avec un de deux A Rouge. A Rouge qui a la...