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2 v 1 Drills

These are game scenarios under drill conditions and are most useful when practice in a certain discipline is required, either in batting or fielding. ...


2 V 2 Up And Down

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey 2 v 2 up and down Practices For Juniors First set out some 2 vs 2 pitches consisting of 2 goals, 15 to 20m apart with each goal being 1 stick ...

3 Vs 2 - Get To Goal

category: Overload-situations

Hockey 3 vs 2 - Get to Goal Overload situations The middle attacker starts with the ball. The drill starts with one of the other attacking players ma...

1 V 2 Break Defense

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey 1 v 2 break defense Defending Skills Players work in pairs in this drill ... The player who starts with the ball has to dribble around the con...

4 V 2 In Area

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey 4 v 2 in area Warm-up Games Players are trying to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible. Players inside the area can use the two...

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Community Drills

Back to backUntitled

Set up a goal in the centre.2 v 1. Goals can be score from either direction.Progression make 2 v 2.

2 v 2 with end players

pass and movement drills. Can pass back to maintain possession and assist.If intercepted then other team carries on.

Dribble and pass game

2 v 2Set up a few widely spaced cones.One team starts with the ball and player must pass to their team mate before attempting to score.Team score...

Attack wing half pitch 4 v 3

4 v 3 alternate wings starting at half. Broken down to 2v1 half way to 23m line. 2 v 2 23m to base line.Attacker to score goal. Extra point for on po...