Cross And Shoot Under Pressure.

category: 527-crossing

Handball Cross and shoot under pressure. 527 crossing Players from both lines run forwards at the same time, with the ball carrier crossing over in f...

Ball Circulate - With Teamwork Pressure

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Ball Circulate - With teamwork pressure 526 ballcirculation Blue players pass the ball around, working in a group of four. Before each playe...

Feinting Under Pressure

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Feinting under pressure 526 ballcirculation Players line up on both sides of the court with a ball in hand. They take it in turns to pass th...

Jump Shot With Pressure

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Handball Jump shot with pressure 318 jump shot far Dribbling the ball, players take it in turns to run forward to the defender. When they get close (...


TFT 2 - Shooting under Pressure

It would be great if your players always had unopposed shots on goal but the reality of the game is that often they're going to have to shoot under pr...


Faster Passing to Support Attacks!

Don't go on the attack alone! Get your team supporting attacks effectively and playing with high intensity by improving passing speed.



Community Drills

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Defenders are place on the 9m line with one on one pivot behind on the edge of the DDefence:Needs to work harder to close the attackers down as there ...

pressure on pass

+ 2 players make the pass to a 3rd player but not between them.+ The idee is to start slowly and accelarate lightly until the middle player cannot dea...

3v3 defenders moving together

3v3 where the defenders are holding each other's hands and moving together. attackers are passing the ball and putting pressure on defenders to move f...