Defending Like The Spaniards

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The Spanish in their glory days of 2013 were the pioneers of defensive tactics that teams are still adopting to shut out the opposition. Use this session to discover what they can do for you!

Although they?ve dropped away in recent years, they went a long way to making defending more and more intelligent and therefore much more attractive. Defending skills are not only blocking and 1 v 1 duels anymore and that?s why this week we get your players defending like the former World Champions.

What's in the Session?

We begin with a fun warm up game, working on both attackers and defenders. Although this is a defending session, the attackers should not be forgotten. To train defenders, you still need attackers, and it is the same the other way round, be sure to remind players this.

We follow this up with fun and fast paced drills that involve your attackers moving the ball around quickly while under pressure from defenders, who work on various techniques that force attackers into mistakes, and help defenders intercept passes.

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