Handball Drill Demonstration


Set up 5 equal groups of players, one group on each sideline and 3 in the middle. Have several balls with both groups of sideline players. Also have two additional defenders (red players) stationed just inside the 9 meter line.

Player 1 starts the drill with a pass to player 2. Player 2 runs out to meet the pass and then passes it on to player 3 who passes to player 4.

Player 1 must chase the passes across the court to support the two red defenders as they press out to put pressure on the pass

When player 4 receives the ball they should look for the shot on goal.

The drill then starts from the other side - going from left to right.

Coaching points

After every 2 minutes groups of players rotate one position in a clockwise direction. This means after 10 minutes players will have played in each position.

Passing must be fast and accurate! If the passing is poor the defending players is allowed to intercept and the drill is then dead and will start again from the opposite side.

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