Handball Drill Demonstration


Set up two equal lines of players on both side of the baseline and two defenders just beyond the half way line. All baseline players have a ball each.

The move starts with a one-two pass from the player on the baseline to the keeper. Upon playing the pass the players should run forward and receive the pass from the keeper on the run.

After this players dribble the ball up court at speed. Once the attackers cross the half way line the defenders are allowed to put pressure on the attacker.

Drill continues until a shot/interception has been made.

Coaching points

In this drill the attackers have a running start, so they should also win the foot race between attacker and defender to the goal.

Look for strong positive running, forward bouncing of the ball in the dribble and a good shot on target (even when under pressure).


For the less able:

Let players attack in pairs against one defender (2v1)

For the more able:

Let the defender start to apply pressure earlier.

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