Drill Categories


Feinting 2

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Feinting 2 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball Attacker wants to get past the defender on the right side to throw at the goal. attacker, dummy, f...

Feinting Under Pressure

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Feinting under pressure 526 ballcirculation Players line up on both sides of the court with a ball in hand. They take it in turns to pass th...

321 Pass/Shot Feinting(Dummy)

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) B and R pass around. W1 reacts on the feinting (dummy) of B3 and B6. Pass afterÂ...

Feinting 1

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Feinting 1 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball The attacker in this drill should feint in an attempt to confuse the defender before passing the d...

Double Feint

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Double feint 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball Two groups opposite. Come forward and feint your opponent (also an attacker) with exactly the sa...

Feinting 4

category: 322-feinting-Dummy-with-ball

Handball Feinting 4 322 feinting (Dummy) with ball Attacker wants to get past the defender on the left not using the swinging arm technique. attacker...

Fake Your Way Past

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball Fake your way past 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) Run forward at full speed to receive the pass. As you approach the defender drop the should...

Fast Passing - Feinting

category: 526-ballcirculation

Handball Fast Passing - Feinting 526 ballcirculation Attackers pass the ball along the line and defenders must run forward to defend. Attacking playe...

Web Videos


Improving feinting and shooting!

Get your players moving - using fast feet, body feints and and speed to create space for the shot in this fun feinting skill session!

Feinting : Drills for every Age Group

Get your players dictating to their defenders who is in charge! Develop clever faints into their to sell them one way before going another to set up a...


Community Drills

shooting with large groups 3

Every player has got a ball and dribbles one after the other between the cones in the center and shoot at the goal after feinting and getting past the...

Handball Feint - Twist feint

Here is a great feinting technique that your players should look to use in this game - on and off the ball.In this video sequence, the flow of the sho...