Defending the Pivot - Snatch back possession for your team!

In this session we focus on your players' ability to run out to put pressure on the opposition's pivot, defend the ball and then run back to cover the space.

Defending the pivot is a skill which all teams should practice. To mark the pivot your defenders will need to position themselves behind the pivot and be ready to defend with an open hand as soon as the ball is played to cut out the pass and regain possession for your team.

The pivot player's job is to try and mix things up in the defence, setting picks and moving between players. They may not be the best jumper on the team but often they're physical and have good ball skills so your defenders will need to be switched on and work hard to cut out the offensive danger!

Teach your players to put pressure on the opposition's pivot and get their body in front the ball to make the interception with this defending skills session!

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