Ball Control Skills and Mini-Games Session

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The sign of a quality player is consistency, good technique and high skill. Once the technique is consistent, it’s time to add the final layer to your game and have absolute mastery over the ball. understanding how it reacts when thrown at different angles and with different spin.

To turn your player into the ultimate all-rounder, this session teaches your players everything they need to know, to build up a repetoire of skills. Develop their knowledge of how to control the ball with some skilful ball control practices and so that you can find out which players in your squad are the most coordinated (who can do the tricky drop and catch between their legs?)

What's in the Session?

In this session, after testing your players' ball skills, we then finish with a few fun games - getting your players to work as a team while improving their overall skills!

The better your players understand how to ball behaves the more they'll be able to use it to their advantage!

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