Feinting: Fixing your opponent with your first steps

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Teach your players to fix their man, with a drop of the shoulder and use of feinting movement, in this attacking running session, to help your players get past their defender and create a shooting opportunity.

Every player on your team should be able to perform some sort of feinting movement to trick the other team when running with the ball.

Starting with some unopposed exercises we gradually increase the difficulty, building towards match-intensity dribbling and feinting. The drills in this session are an excellent starting point for teaching players of all ages how to feint and can be progressed for more experienced players by introducing them to the technique for the 0-Step.

The 0-Step explained:
If the ball is caught in the air players are allowed to take three steps as the landing step does not count. For this reason the first step is called "0 step". Players should try to use this first step to their advantage to wrong-foot their opponent (see example below).

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