Stance And Backlift

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Cricket Stance and Backlift Batting Mechanics The Files are 200k so please be patient when downloading. Open Preview.

Open Stance To Drive Position

category: Front-foot-batting

Cricket Open Stance to Drive Position Front foot batting *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Batsman stands with an exaggerated open stance. On contact with the b...

Video Analysis - Batting

category: Batting-Mechanics

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Bowling Machine - Drive Progression

category: Front-foot-batting

Cricket Bowling Machine - Drive Progression Front foot batting *AUDIO ... Batter to hit one shot from set position followed by one shot from stance (...

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Cricket batting basics: stance

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Straight drive goal hitting

4 groups, set up 2 sets of cones - scoring system for hitting a straight drive through the cones: through central pair = 5 points; between inner and o...