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Ground fielding and throwing Drills

In cricket the way a player carries out ground fielding and throwing the ball back to his fellow players is hugley important. Through these drills yo...

Running between the wickets Drills

This is when the batsman runs to the opposite stumps to score a single run. The number of times this action is completed after one shot determines how...


Stance And Backlift

category: Batting-Mechanics

Cricket Stance and Backlift Batting Mechanics The Files are 200k so please be patient when downloading. Open Preview.

Grip And Stance

category: Batting-Mechanics

Cricket Grip and Stance Batting Mechanics The Files are 200k so please be patient when downloading. Open Preview.

Cover Drive

category: Extras

Cricket Cover drive Extras This is an attacking stroke, played to a full, wide of off stump delivery. Keep a relaxed, balanced stance, with your head...

Video Analysis - Batting

category: Batting-Mechanics

Cricket Video Analysis - Batting Batting Mechanics Video Analysis - Batting (forward ... Cricket Drill Demonstration ... Stance and Backlift Drill Th...

Front Foot Defence 2

category: Batting-Mechanics

Cricket Front Foot Defence 2 Batting Mechanics The Files are 200k so please be patient when ... Cricket Drill Demonstration ... Grip and Stance Drill...

Cut Shot

category: Extras

Cricket Cut shot Extras Played to a ball short of a length and wide of off stump. Ball is aimed square of the wicket. Relaxed, balanced stance, head ...

Web Videos

Cricket batting basics: stance

Welcome to Cricket Mentoring. For more coaching tips and advice or to book a session with one of our mentors, visit; www.cricketmentoring.com Cricket ...


Working Your Wicket Keeper

The wicket keeper is always in the game - make sure they're up to the test with this keeping skills session!

Backing up in the field

No one enjoys an overthrow. Make sure your fielders are on their toes and alert to any wild shy’s at the stumps!


Community Drills

Keeper Reaction Drill

There is a keeper and at least three slips needed. A throwing player or another coach. The coach who is shown as A will need to guide the ball to the ...

Tennis Ball drills

Each coach will be given a group of roughly 6 players players put into pairs players to take it in turns to feed each other with a range of feeds; bo...

CATCHING GAME - Tennis Balls Hardball

Basic Catching game with work in pairs facing each other must complete 2 catches before taking steps back to increase distance. AIm is to work back to...

AFL Style Middlesex Ground Drill

Drill involves feed from coach along ground and pick up (green/blue dotted line), underarm throw over stumps (green/blue straight line); overarm throw...