Back to Basics - Batting Technique

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At this point in the season it's a good idea to review players' batting technique.

Many cricket coaches will tell you that most batting problems stem from a poor set-up, or stance - for this reason it's important that you take time to review the basics, with special attention on the:

  • Set up, Grip, Back lift and Stance.

Trigger Movements:

As well as looking at these batting elements, this session also looks at your players' trigger movement (aka pre-delivery). There's a lot of discussion in the cricket world about trigger movements, but most players have one, even if it's just a small shuffle of the feet. They help your players to move from their original stance into a 'ready position' as the bowler releases the ball.

Help your players to become more aware of what they're doing at the crease and help them improve their batting with this week's session.

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