Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Mark out a boxing ring/ square with cones. 
  • Coach or someone trained in using pads to have a set of pads. Player to have a set of boxing gloves. 
  • Moving around the marked out ring/square with legs in your batting stance. 
  • Pads are to be shown and player with the gloves is to react and punch the pad. Opposite hand to pad shown. 
  • Coach to throw in some swings with the pads so that the players have to react and duck.

Coaching points

  • Encourages fast footwork, fast hands and fast reactions for avoiding the ball. 
  • Keep players moving.
  • As they get better you can speed up the presentation of the pads. 
  • Ensure players are striking hard and connecting well with the pad (should make a good loud noise when glove connects with the pad). 

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