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  • Coach or partner feeds the ball.
  • They will feed the batsman a total of 4 balls and alternate between a low full toss and a waist height full toss.
  • The batsman will drive the low full toss and pull the waist height feed.
  • After every shot, the batsman should advance down the wicket towards the feeder, ready for the next delivery.

Coaching points

  • This drill works on getting the weight moving into the shot.
  • Also the batsman needs to have quick hands to be in position and ready to receive the next delivery.
  • The batsman should be ready to adjust and play a different shot if the ball isn't there to hit the shot that they want. 


  • Reverse the drill and go backwards down the wicket, away from the feeder.
  • Instead of alternating between a low full toss and waist height full toss, the feeder can randomise the delivery of every ball.

Drill tags: drive, pull shot, quick hands

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