Off Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Lean towards the ball with head and shoulder forward of the body.Good step forward towards the pitch of the ball, head directly above the front foot.B...

One Day Nets - Bowling Challenge

category: Conditioned-games

Set up two nets with 4-6 players assigned to each. Each net has a different type of bowler (spin, fast, leg etc.) Each batsman gets 12-15 minutes in t...

Warm Up Drills

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Roll the ball along the ground to a team mate. You can run with the ball, but the ball must be rolled along the ground.Aim to hit the stumps (approach...

Fielding Drill

category: Catching

6-12 people needed. Player (6) starts by rolling the ball out to (5) who runs in and throws ball to the (WK). Coach now throws (5) a flat catch as he...

The Long Barrier.

category: Techniques

Approach the ball at speed and as you get into line with the ball, twist your upper body, leading with the shoulder furthest from the ball. Bend both...

Cut Shot

category: Extras

Played to a ball short of a length and wide of off stump. Ball is aimed square of the wicket. Relaxed, balanced stance, head still, eyes level. Back ...

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