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Split the group so there is between 3-6 people in each net (including thrower or use coach). The thrower stands at the stumps whilst the rest queue up to bat at the other end. Two cones are placed to provide the target to drive the ball through. Each batsmen gets 2-3 consecutive balls then must go to the back of the queue. If the ball is left they may have another go. Once the batsmen drives the ball through the cones he must run to the stumps and back.

Feeding: Each batsmen receives 24 balls and must be from a kneeling or standing position (depending on age and height). The ball should be short of a length, away from the batsmen, bouncing between knee and waste height.

Competition: To score 30 runs without getting out, with any shot played into the air being out. Competitions can also be set up between groups to see which group of batsmen can get the highest score with the thrower being from an opposition group.

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