this question is for people who worship cricket.

this question is for people who worship cricket.

hi!! to all my dear coaches and people assosiated with this website. i am 20 years old and i am a right arm medium fast bowler and a right arm middle order batsmen from india. i like to hit the ball all over the park as i am a natural hitter of the cricket ball.well i am facing problems with my bowling action as i am not able to practice every day, so there is always gap of 2 or 3 days between my practice sessions,so whenever i go and start bowling in the nets i always get confused and sometimes i even have to start allover again starting from my action!!!i even dont have a coach but i am determined to make to my international squad,every one laughs at me when i say this to them.i have never played a single match till now with the proper cricket ball.but i am hugely appreciated in the nets while i am bowling, as i can swing the bowl both ways with an average speed of in india its very hard for a young player to come up in this game even if he has loads of talent,but no money,i am not even allowed to get into the nets when other clubs are practicing, beacause of that i have to practice before they come, that is from morning 4.00am to 6.00am.and i have to study as well because i am computer science engineer, which is a huge mental pressure as well,so i am not able to practice every day.well thats not an execuse for me though, because no matter how hard it gets i am gonna make to the IPL(indian premier league)and then to my international team.and just a month ago i have been picked by a new local club who were quite impressed by me,i played my first practice match against our oppositon club of under 23 age group,i scored 16 balls 42runs,and got 4 wickets of my four overs and concided 11 runs so i am really happy, i was able to swing the ball both the ways but my problem is whenever there is break in my practice session,as other club people dont allow me in the nets. i cant take my run up properly and i tend to change my action from side on to front on which decreses my speed . so plss give some sugessions on to take my run up properly. to increase my bowling speed. to bowl accurately without changing my action.

Cricket CoachCoach
Alex MartinCoach, England

Find the run-up that works the best and just rehearse that action, even if it is going from your desk to the toilet, this will keep it in your mind and fresh.

Increasing your bowling speed - start with a good run-up this will bring you to a natural peak, but then pull your shoulder through the ball with your chest and have a quick snap of the wrist when you deliver the ball, this will give even more speed to the ball.

Work on bowling a good line, then when you are able to bowl one line well just start working on your length as well, then over time you should end up bowling constantly. Also find what you bowl most commonly, this will allow you to find your stock bowl, when you can bowl this single ball well, you can create your variations from that.

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