Cricket Drill Demonstration


Each batter gets 6 feeds. Drill is best done in nets where available (2 grounds per net in opposite directions).

Can be done in pairs/ groups of three with 6 tennis balls per group.

The feeder bobble feeds the ball towards the batter who aims to drive the ball through the target cones.

Encourage players to wear at least batting gloves when doing this drill.

Coaching points

The focus for the batter needs to be on getting the ball between the cones along the ground.

This is achieved by a strong top had on the bat, shoulder dipping into the ball, playing the ball late, and getting a big stride towards the ball.

Encourage players to put their weight over the ball on contact.


Make the target area narrower for batters, as well as incorporating different coloured cones, encouraging decision making.

Ball can also be rolled slowly towards batter, for more advanced players.

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Drill tags: accuracy, batter, batting, bobble

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