Backboard Touches

category: Fitness

  • Stand on the baseline below the backboard;
  • Two-footed jump arms raised above the head to touch the backboard with both hands;
  • Land...

  • Backboard Touches

    category: Fitness

    The player will stand just in front of the backboard(to the side of the rim).

    The player will jump and reach out with both arms to try and ...

    Basketball Bulldog

    category: Games

    White Player 1 is 'On'

    Blue Players 1 to 8 try to dribble their basketballs to the opposite line.

    Any players that the white ...

    Continuous Rebound

    category: Rebound

    Players line up on 3 point line.Throw ball against the backboard and roll away.

    Next player jumps to take the rebound and throws it against ...

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    Community Drills

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    Free Throw Conditioning1st player gets ball and jogs in to make free throw. All misses count for 2 and all shots made count for 1. Get to 10 scor...

    Possession game with one dribble only

    This is a possession game that involved two teams trying to keep the ball for 20 passes without a defending team intercepting the ball. The defensive...

    King of the court - Dribbling

    A game of dribbling, defence and attack between players.Players should try to knock the ball away from the other players while maintaing dribble contr...

    Autosave 36331304

    Players start at Halfway, jog through to sideline then weaves through to lay-up. 1st player to 5 doesn't have to do sideline touches.Change it up by p...