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Footwork and Movement Drills

Correct footwork and movement in basketball will enable your players to beat defenders, get free to receive the pass and open up more shooting opportu...


Four Corner Passing Drill

category: Passing

Pass and follow in a square or box formation.
Progression: Upon hearing coach’s whistle, immediately react and change the direction that the ba...

Pass And Follow - 8 People

category: Passing

  • 8 Players with 2 basketballs
  • Player 1 starts with one ball and passes to Player 2 who in turn passes to Player 3. Players have to follow t...

    Pass And Follow Drill

    category: Passing

    01 passes to 04 and follows pass to join back of line.
    04 will do the same, pass to 02 etc.
    Chest or bounce pass can be used.

    Pass And Follow

    category: Passing

    Player 1 passes to player 4 and follows their pass. Player 4 passes to player 5 and then follows their pass. This process is repeated until the b...

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    Community Drills

    Pass and follow

    To get players switched on mentally and physically warmed up we start with this simple pass and follow drill.Players stand in a star shape with one ba...

    Pass and Follow (Circle)

    In this drill, you can use the technique of both passings chest pass and bounce pass.The players all stand in a circle, pass the ball to opposite play...