2 On 2 Half Court

category: 2-v-2

Play 2 versus 2 at one basket.No dribbling allowed.Alternate possession. Play to eleven.

2V1 To 3V2

category: 2-v-1

2 players will attack 1 defender. After a shot has been taken all 3 players become offence and 2 defenders will run in to play a 3v2 at the other en...

2V2 Transition - Continuous Game

category: 2-v-2

Set up 4 lines of players, with a line in each corner of the court. Players will play 2v2. Once a shot has been taken the ball is passed to the next...

2 On 2 Rebound Drill

category: 2-v-2

Coach has the ball.Players are moving as if in a game.Coach will toss ball on backboard.Defensive players must box out and rebound.Offensive players t...

Cuts Off The Screen Drill

category: 2-v-2

Top side or over the top cut 1 has the ball.2 will screen for 3 who uses the screen as shown. 1 may pass to 3 or 2

3 Man Weave 2 V 1

category: 2-v-1

3 man weave down the court. When the players reach the half court line the player with the ball places the ball on the floor and becomes the defender...

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Spiderman plays basketball part 2

Episode #2 'The Black Rock' After Peter Parker hears naysayers talk bad about his game at a local playground basketball court using his spidey senses,...