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End drill – Feeding into circle

Set up: four corners of 2-3 players, 1 ball, goal third end of court.

Aim for the two groups of players on transverse line to hit the circle edge and feed ball into the circle to a shooter with a defending player.

Bottom left corner (A) player drives out along sideline. Receives a pass from the defending player in the circle.

Player from top left corner (B) drives straight into the court to receive a pass from the sideline player. 

Player B passes back to player A and drives towards the circle edge where player A delivers a long ball to player B as close to the circle edge they can get. Player A joins line where player A started.

Player from top right corner (C) drives to circle edge to help feed pass into player D who has driven from bottom right corner into the circle as shooter. 

Player B joins line player C started in. After player C delivers final pass to shooter, player C joins bottom right corner. Essentially, all players rotate anticlockwise around the 4 corners. 

Coaching points

Set up is relevant to video.  


Add 2 balls! Speeds things up. Players have to have court and other player awareness. You may like to try for 5 ‘good ones’ and finish with shooters to the post. Encourage giving a go at shooting, even if miss, get the rebound and go again.

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