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Agility progression to circle.

5 cones, half court, 1+ players.

1. Cones are lay out in a diamond formation. Player starts at top of diamone, drives straight to top cone, back towards left cone, and straight drive to circle edge with strong bent knees. 

2. Add in defence. Players run the same ilnes but a defende is added in to 'shadow'. 

3. Bring in ball, remove the defender. Player still running the same lines. Player recieves a pass from the feeder at the circle edge. 

4. Both players run the drill, both splitting seperate ways after first drive. Ball can be delivered at different points. 

Coaching points

Drives are strong and deliberate. Turn head and hips towards the direction the player is running. 

When the ball is introduce, players are to recieve the pass as close to circle edge as possible. You can use one feeder to feed to players and alternate passes.

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