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3-5 players, 1 ball, 1/2 court space.

1 player, the feeder stands on the third line with the ball.

The other two players (workers) stand about 3 metres away facing away from the feeder.

The workers jog away from the feeder. When the feeder calls "turn" or "go" both workers turn and drive towards the ball in anticipation to catch the pass. 

The feeder can choose either players to pass the ball to.

This can be set up with two sets of workers and the feeder can alternate between each set of partners. 

Coaching points

The worker who does not receive the pass can then defend the return pass back to the feeder. 

Encourage the competitive element, players are to drive hard into the pass from the feeder and 'beat' their partner. 

The feeder has to make a decision on who to pass the ball to and the workers have to be ready. 

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