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Speed Dribbling - Full steam ahead! Session Thumbnail
Speed Dribbling - Full steam ahead!

Time waits for no man, so use these 8 speed practices to get your players pushing the ball out in front and advance the ball full-steam ahead up the court!

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Players start out in the corner on either side of the court.

Set up 2 cones in front of the players. The 1st cone 15 ft away. The 2nd cone 30 ft away. There will also be a chair 18-20 ft away from the basket.

Players dribble to the 1st cone and perform a change of direction dribble.

Player then dribbles around the 2nd cone and then dribbles at speed towards the chair.

When they reach the chair they should quickly change direction, move and attack the basket where they will finish with a lay-up.

Coaching points

Low body and dribble position with a fast change of direction move to beat the chair/defender.

Players should perform one dribble after the change of direction to go into their lay up steps.

Keep the ball high on the lay up, we do not want to bring the ball down below waist height.


Make sure players keep their head up in this drill and try to beat the chair, as if it were an opposition defender.

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