Netball Drill Demonstration


  1. Ball starts with WD
  2. WD passes to WA (1) driving into middle channel.
  3. WA passes to C (2) hitting the top of the circle.
  4. C passes to GA (3) driving out of the pocket (up the sideline).
  5. GA passes it back to the C (4) who drives through to pocket (ball side).
  6. C then passes to GA (5) who either drives into circle if the player is a goaler or across the top if they are a midcort player. Defenders can drive either. Goalers who drive into the circle put up the shot rebound/collect the ball and then.....
  7. GA then passes to the WD (6) driving out of the pocket.
  • Players join the back of the line that they threw to

Created by Michelle, Netball Coach, Australia

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