Netball Drill Demonstration


1. A feeder has a ball inbetween the first 2 cones in a square with the attacker on a back cone.

2. The attacker leads out to front cone diagonal to them, then the opposite front cone, then the diagonal back cone, then the cone they first started on.

3. The attacker then drives up the middle and recieves a pass from the feeder.

4. Attackers should complete this bow tie shape once and recieve a pass, twice and recieve a pass, three times and recieve a pass, then twice and once again.

Coaching points

This drill is designed to teach players that sometimes it can take 3, 4, 5 drives to loose your defender and create space to recieve the ball.

This drill is tiring, however it is important that players complete this with as much intensity as possible.

Created by Madison, Netball Player, Australia

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