Netball Drill Demonstration


Red "D" must recieve a pass within the goal third from red "F". Red "D" must then pass to red "A" (which is allowed to move along the side line but not cross the transverse line) then move tothe center third. Defenders blue "F" must defend red "D" and blue "D" must defend the sidline passer. Usual rules apply.

Note- This drill must progress at a fast pace and reset quickly. If play is too broken/slow defender "D" can be removed.

Coaching points

Reciever (red "A") must use effective Dodge/Roll technique to break free of defender and recieve the pass. Sidline passers must use correct pass technique and timing. Defenders must use quick footwork to restrict recievers movement and ability to recieve/make a pass.

Created by gil, Netball Coach, Australia

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