Netball Drill Demonstration


C feeds to WA as they drive down the court, but still some distance from the circle edge

GS holds high and strong at an angle

WA turns in air, quick release feed into the space beyond


With larger groups, have a queue of WAs with balls that can send ball to the C then drive forward.

Start the play from a C pass, or simulate ball coming down court from a turnover ball


Coaching points

GS initial hold and angle is key; it must be strong and high

WA should ne turning fully in the air and sighting the GS as they land

Trust that the feeder can view and place the ball into 'safe' space; decision led by feeder rather than shooter

The feed away from the edge is a first second ball; any hesitation or delay brings risk, and the ball should be moved to edge.


Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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